Parth ( पार्थ , パース)

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I’m a mathematician in Glasgow, where my PhD is supervised by Michael Wemyss. I am interested in homological phenomena in algebraic geometry and representation theory.

Friends featured in the photo gallery (top to bottom, left to right)
Hannah Dell, Yan Yau Cheng, Alex Epelde, Yuji Okitani, Harvey Yau.

I grew up in Nashik and studied mathematics at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge. As an undergraduate I worked with Dhruv Ranganathan, Thomas Forster, and Gregory Wilsenach on various projects as a part of what is now the CSRIM program. In addition to algebra and geometry, I have enjoyed studying functional analysis and various aspects of logic and model theory.

In Cambridge I was involved with the The Archimedeans for all four years, serving as the President for the latter two. We organised various events and talks by mathematicians, one of which I was a speaker for. I have also served as the Vice President of CamTeX and as a graphics designer for various student societies. I am largely involved with outreach and had the opportunity to interview various mathematicians in 2020 and 2021 for the International Mathematics Olympiad, the recordings of which can be watched here.

I sometimes write software, and briefly worked with Nilay Kulkarni as a back-end engineer at Stoa in Bangalore. Other hobbies include art and poetry.

Why ‘Catbus’, you ask? I could be fancy and say the cat stands for ‘category’, but the truth is I just like cats (and My Neighbour Totoro) and find it incredibly amusing that the catbus is a cat and a bus at the same time.

See also: Bugcat, which Yan Yau Cheng is a connoisseur of.