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Hello! I am Parth Shimpi, a PhD student in mathematics and a member of Core Structures @ Glasgow which encompasses researchers at the University of Glasgow working on Algebra, Analysis, Number theory, and Geometry & Topology. You can read more about me here.

I work with Michael Wemyss and the Enhancing RNG Group, studying algebraic geometry and its interactions with representation theory and homological algebra.

Mathematical Writing

I sometimes write expository articles and byte-sized gists on this website. Hope something catches your interest!

Past and Upcoming Talks

Conferences and Travel

Course Notes

I did Part III in 2022, doing courses on algebra and geometry. The lecture notes for these can be found here. Alejandro Epelde Blanco took many of the same courses and maintains his notes here. David Bai's typed notes can be found here.

parth.shimpi ‹at›