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Hello! I am Parth Shimpi, a PhD student in mathematics and a member of Core Structures @ Glasgow which encompasses researchers at the University of Glasgow working on Algebra, Analysis, Number theory, and Geometry & Topology. You can read more about me here.

I work with Michael Wemyss and the Enhancing RNG Group, studying algebraic geometry and its interactions with representation theory and homological algebra. Specifically, I think about Artin groups acting on stability manifolds.

This year, I am a co-organiser of the Glasgow Algebra Pre-seminar.

The articles below are largely expository.

  1. "A quick introduction to complex tori" ('23). [PDF]
  2. "Invitation to deformation theory", with J Malbon and D Z Zieba ('23). [PDF]
  3. "Derived equivalences in algebra and geometry", supervised by I Grojnowski, Part III essay, University of Cambridge ('22). [PDF]
  4. "Introduction to model theory", supervised by G Wilsenach, Summer project summary, University of Cambridge ('19). [PDF]

The website also has an informal blog and some shorter articles.

  1. "Geometers' retelling of the K(π,1) story", Artin groups meet triangulated categories, Oberwolfach. [jan 30, '24]
  2. "What does the A2 singularity have in common with an octopus?🐙", Junior Geometry Seminar, Cambridge [feb 23, '24] and Hodge Club Seminar, Edinburgh. [oct 6, '23]
  3. "What do coxeter groups know about homological algebra?", the 61st ARTIN meet. [sep 12, '23]
  4. "This pure mathematician forgot how to add. You won't believe what happened next!", Glasgow PG Seminar. [mar 10, '23]
  5. What is a deformation? GLaMS Examples Showcase, Edinburgh. [dec 9, '22]
  6. The module extension problem, Part III Seminar, Cambridge [mar 18, '22]
  7. The functor of points, Part III Seminar, Cambridge [dec 2, '21]
  8. Quasisymmetric functions in geometry, CSRIM Seminar. [slides] [oct 12, '21]
  9. Between arbitrarily large and infinite, The Archimedeans. [video] [apr 10, '20]
I have also given multiple talks for the Glasgow Algebra Pre-Seminar and the Wee Math Seminar.

Past and upcoming conferences and academic workshops .

  1. Simple-mindedness, silting, and stability, Cumbria. [jul 8--12, '24]
  2. The 6th British algebraic geometry meeting, Sheffield. [apr 10--12, '24][photo]
  3. Mini-workshop 2405a: Artin groups meet triangulated categories, Oberwolfach. [jan 28--feb 2, '24][photo]
  4. UKAGNetwork winter school, Warwick. [dec 12--15, '23]
  5. GLEN workshop on stability conditions, Liverpool. [sep 21--22, '23]
  6. Bridgeland stability and complex function theory, Liverpool. [sep 19--21, '23]
  7. Summer school on higher structures in algebra and geometry, Nordfjordeid. [aug 13--18, '23][photo]
  8. Derived categories, moduli spaces, and counting invariants, London. [jul 3--7, '23]
  9. Derived categories, Hodge theory, and singularities, Sheffield. [jun 28--30, '23]
  10. Computational algebraic geometry workshop, Warwick. [mar 27--31, '23][photo]
  11. Winter school on geometry, algebra and combinatorics of moduli spaces and configurations V, Dobbiaco (Toblach). [feb 20--24, '23]
  12. Quivers, clusters, moduli and stability, Oxford. [jan 9--13, '23][photo]
  13. Workshop on singularities and mirror symmetry, Glasgow. [dec 5--7, 2022]

  1. Tutor, University of Glasgow: 3 Metric and topological spaces ('24), 2A Multivariable calculus ('23), 2B Linear algebra ('23), 2P Graph theory ('23), 2T Discrete Mathematics ('22), 2E Mechanics ('22).
  2. Mentor, STEP Support Programme ('19, '20, '21).
  3. Tutor, Sutton Trust Summer School: Combinatorics ('19).
  4. Teacher, Fravashi International Academy: A level Pure mathematics ('19), A level Statistics ('19).

I have previously provided personal tuition to highschool students for STEP and similar exams, and am open to taking new students.

Course notes. I did Part III in 2022, doing courses on algebra and geometry. The lecture notes for these can be found here. Alejandro Epelde Blanco took many of the same courses and maintains his notes here. David Bai's typed notes can be found here.

Other lecture courses. I sometimes typeset notes for lecture courses, the sufficiently complete ones can be found here.

  1. Riemann surfaces, lec. Ruadhaí Dervan ('23). [PDF]
  2. Enumerative geometry of K3 surfaces, lec. Qaasim Shafi ('23). [PDF]
  3. Introduction to hyperKahler geometry, lec. Luca Giovenzana ('23). [PDF]
  4. Kuznetsov components of Fano varieties, lec. Arend Bayer ('23). [PDF]
  5. Ubiquitous techniques in Hodge theory, lec. Inder Kaur ('23). [PDF]

RunMyDFA. An online wysiwyg editor for finite automata/Markov chain diagrams that can simulate deterministic finite automata and generate TikZ code.

TeX template. I maintain a template for LaTeX documents with essential imports and helpful macros for algebraic geometers. There's also a TeX-specific .gitignore file included! To set up a new project, run the script below in a command line.

curl -L -O && unzip && rm

parth.shimpi ‹at›